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    What do you think of our new wheels?

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Check out the newest vehicle in the South Central A\V fleet with completely redesigned graphics. Does it catch your eye? Make you want to go to our web site to see what we're all about because we have such a cool car? Or does it make you want to run our Chief Engineer, Jay McCutcheon, off the road? (please don't, he's a very nice guy and it isn't his fault he's in this car!) Let us know what you think. And have a great weekend. 

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    Do You Want to Learn More About Our Recent Blog Topics? Dig Deeper With These Helpful Resources.

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Are you interested in the topics covered in our recent blog posts? If you’re looking for ways to improve your business’ audio and visual systems, then you might find these resources insightful and interesting.

    • The National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities has a fantastic resource for all those interested in the educational use of interactive whiteboards in the classroom.
    • If you’re installing or updating your audio/video control system for your business, then check out this article about components you can install in your boardroom.
    • provides this list of 15 things to look for when purchasing a CCTV surveillance system.
    • Learn more about the benefits of business process automation from this tech news website.
    • describes many of the benefits you’ll receive after installing a surveillance system.

    From sound systems to intercoms, South Central A\V offers a variety of audio and visual solutions to add the power of sight and sound to your business. Call us today at (615) 369-6017 and visit us online to learn more about our state-of-the-art technology.

    Ideal Length of a Digital Signage Message: 22 Characters or Less

    Last updated 2 years ago


    After getting some help from Steve Whitehead at Amscreen, my presentation on content best practices for the 2012 Digital Signage Expo is nearly ready. While preparing it, I looked back at many of the other content-related presentations we've put together, and I was generally pleased to see that the recommendations we made four or five years ago still hold true today. However, I was even more pleased at the two or three places where I could go in and make refinements to some of our old adages. Of those, the most useful and potentially important is about message length. As it turns out, just a few characters can have a pretty big impact on whether your on-screen message gets read or not.

    What is a word?

    In our pioneering (if I do say so myself) research using Amazon's Mechanical Turk last year, we discovered that increasing message length by a few words can dramatically affect recall:

    But after reading some unrelated research about email marketing, I began to wonder what's more important: the number of words, or just the sheer amount of space the words take up? After reevaluating the data, I came to the conclusion that it's actually both. Very long phrases are still hard to remember, and the number of characters that make up a phrase seems to affect whether the viewer will try to read the phrase in the first place.

    The ideal digital signage message length is 3-5 words, totaling 22 characters or less

    The graph above suggests a pretty significant falloff in recall at the five-word mark. But upon further review, it was our particular choice of words that made the difference: messages that contained five shorter words fared just as well as four-word messages containing a similar number of characters, with 22 characters or less representing the sweet spot for recall. This makes sense, since the corresponding number of words falls well within our built-in psychological limit of seven plus or minus two elements.

    Whether adding a few extra characters is really going to prevent your messages from being read and remembered probably has a lot more to do with the content on your screen, the quality of the message and the environment that your viewers are in, rather than just the number of characters. But if you wanted just a little more evidence that short, succinct messages are more likely to get remembered, consider this it.

    Read more here. 

    If You're Hoping to Learn More about A/V Resources, Check Out These Great Links

    Last updated 2 years ago

    From corporate events to the classroom, A\V equipment is essential to getting what you need done. With these helpful links, you can learn more about how to utilize this technology to meet your many needs. For any additional questions or concerns, contact South Central A\V at (888) 318-5190 to learn more.

    • Projection is an important part of many presentations. Explore this article to learn about how most projectors can be connected to your computer.
    • When it comes to projection, the screen you use is very important. Learn about how to select the right type in this article.
    • For students and teachers, interactive whiteboards can open the door to education in the digital age. Explore this resource to learn about how this technology offers benefits in the classroom.
    • Check out this article to learn more about the various ways in which interactive white boards can be used in education. There are many ways that they can aid learning for students.
    • Students can benefits greatly from the use of technology in the classroom. Explore this topic further with help the U.S. Department of Education.

    What Can be Coupled to an Integrated Control System and Who Can Benefit from One?

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Consider how much time you spend changing the air conditioning, adjusting the lights, and prepping the audio/visual equipment before a meeting or presentation—there’s no doubt that using different, separate systems requires both time and effort. Thankfully, integrated control system technology streamlines the process and improves user experience. Find out more about integrated control systems in this overview:

    What Can Be Integrated?

    Most advanced integrated control systems have the ability to control a wide variety of different systems that are usually accessed separately. Common systems that are coupled with an integrated control system include audio/visual setups, lighting, climate control, motorized window coverings, telecommunications, and security systems.

    What Are The Benefits?

    The purpose of an integrated control system is to simplify all of those different systems into one access point. This process automation, or the reduction of human work, helps individuals save time and energy. The simplification inherent in an integrated control system makes operating the various systems much easier. Integrated control systems are especially useful in large rooms. With a centralized control system you won’t waste time or distract your audience by walking around or using different programs to change settings for each of the different components of the system.

    Who Can Benefit?

    An integrated control system is particularly useful in situations where it isn’t appropriate to waste time and effort accessing the different systems individually. While integrated control systems are not as useful for homeowners, some great examples of where an integrated control system could dramatically facilitate operations are classrooms, auditoriums, boardrooms, and conference rooms.

    South Central A\V is proud to supply the latest in integrated control system technology. Whether it’s customizable touch screens or automated settings, we’ll bring together your different systems into one seamless operation. From sound systems to intercom systems and interactive whiteboards, learn more about our easy-to-use audio visual technology by visiting us online or calling (615) 369-6017.


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